Sunflower & White Sage Smudge Stick

$8.00 USD

White Sage Incense Smudge Stick

This listing is for one (1) white sage smudge stick with sunflowers. Approx 4” long. 

The sunflower consistently turns its head to find the sunlight, which is why it’s so deeply connected with the Sun and all solar deities. It receives the light, embodies it, and reflects it outwards. The medicine of the sunflower teaches you to look around and receive your blessings so you can shine your light from the inside out, and inspire others to do the same. White sage is a sacred herb that’s been used for centuries by elders to clear and consecrate space. The smoke of ceremonial white sage, in particular, is said to draw positive spirits and discourage the presence of any unwanted energy. Most people find the scent grounding and centering.

Smudging with the smoke of white sage with sunflowers smudge sticks is ideal for cleansing negative energy, attracting positive energy and light when emotionally or spiritually tired or lacking motivation, ridding yourself of other people’s negative emotional energy (stress, anger, envy, anxiety, or bad intentions), and rejuvenation and renewal to start fresh after moving into a new home, after overcoming adversity, after an argument or after illness. You can smudge your home, work place, car, yoga studio, yourself, pets, or loved ones.