7 Chakra WaistBead Set (Limited Edition only 100 available)

$100.00 USD

Set includes 7 Strands of Waistbeads representing the 7 Chakras hand crafted in Nigeria. 

These waistbeads allow wearers to seamlessly and beautifully take their healing chakra support system with them wherever they go.

Balanced chakras bring us back to a state of harmony, health and inner peace. These Healing Waistbeads feature 7 sets of waistbeads that correspond to the body’s 7 chakra power centers that circulate energy in the body; they serve to align the chakras with their respective healing properties.  

‘1x Crown Chakra (Violet) - Top of the head responsible for enlightenment & spirituality consciousness 

1x Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) - Above/between eyebrows responsible for intuition and understanding 

1x Throat Chakra (Blue) - Center base of neck responsible for communication & self expression 

1x Heart Chakra (Green) - Center of chest responsible for balance, love & connection 

1x Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) - Below Sternum responsible for energy, vitality, will power, desire, personal authority 

1x Scaral Chakra (Orange) - Below navel responsible for relationship, emotions, sexuality & self gratification 

1x Root Chakra (Red) - Base of spine responsible for Sense of security, grounded, survival & self preservation 

Strung on cotton string with no clasp. 

‘Made with glass seed beads. 

 LENGTH: 50 Inches 

This listing is for SEVEN (7) strands of traditional African waist beads. Each strand will wrap only once around most waists. Photo depicts multiple strands wrapped multiple times solely for photographic purposes.

These traditional waist beads are threaded on a cotton cord for durability and longevity. They are meant to be tied on for long term wear.

It can be easily adjusted down to your waist size by removing excess beads and trimming them down to your desired size. We suggest measuring along your panty line with a tape measure to ensure these standard lengths will fit you.