Sage Smudge Stick 9”-10”

$20.00 USD

White Sage Incense Smudge Stick


The ritual of smudging with sacred herbs is an ancient tradition, in which sacred plants and herbs are burned, allowing the smoke to clear negative or stagnant energies on yourself, your home or any space. It's important that our house & external space are filled with good vibes. This is a way to purify your space and introduce serenity.

A Heavenly blend of White Sage. Pure white sage promotes positive energy and removes negative energy. Each smudge stick will vary in color.

(1) Smudge Sticks are 9-10” long.

|| HOW TO USE || 

To smudge, hold the stick to flame until lit over a fireproof bowl, blow out and let smolder. Allow the smoke to rise through the air. Set intentions by speaking them out loud into the Universe. Simply, slowly wave the smoking bundle over your body then walk throughout your home by allowing the smoke to hit all areas. Make sure to aim at all entryways, high corners - places where rumor has it, negative energy likes to stagnate. Use a bowl to catch any ashes.

Handmade with love and the greatest of intentions!