Spiritual Healing Vendors Listing

$40.00 USD

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In Jan 19, 2020 I launched “Untamed Beauty” & by December 2020 I had amassed $19.8K in sales with under 2K followers on Instagram during the Covid pandemic. Initially I spent thousands of dollars on the wrong vendors with bad products. I’ve worked on this listing for months to equip new business owners with quality vendors to kickstart their brand. Save yourself time & money by starting your business today with a small investment. I’ve done all the hard work for you! 

What’s included in your digital vendor package?

  • 20 Wholesale Vendors & 6 Drop-Shipping Vendors - Sage, Crystals, Smudge Sticks, Soaps, Incense, Books, Tarot Card, Altar Tools, Candles, Wands, Essential Oils, Jewelry, singing bowls & more.
  • Quick tip guide for communicating with vendors
  • Money Affirmations 

Please note 90% of all vendors are based in the USA, however they do ship worldwide. This book will be available for download IMMEDIATELY after your payment is made on the "Thank You" page. It will also send you an automated email where you can download the book again. Check your spam folder!  Please download and save the file as it will expire after 90 days.